Wasif Ali Wasif

Hazrat Wasif Ali Wasif:

  • Pray that the sorrow in your life is not so much as to destroy you
    and is not so little that your eyes remain forever without tears
  • We wish Pharaoh’s Here and Moses’ Hereafter
  • If you wish to see impurity, look within yourself; if you wish to see good, find it in others
  • The world is ancient, but it has not lost its newness
  • Once repentance (taubah) is truly accepted, even the memory of the sin is erased
  • Some are dead while alive; others are alive even after death
  • We earn to live and we live to earn
  • Fortunate is the person who remains happy with his fortune
  • When the child is ill, the mother will know how to pray
  • He who has no light in his heart, what will he gain from the festival of lamps
  • If you want to be compared to the sun, start giving light like the sun
  • When a boat is about to sink, passengers by themselves begin to invoke Allah
  • Life by itself is not the aim of life. The aim of life is to attain life eternal
  • We go along carrying the burden of others, and, having gone some way, we throw off all our burdens, and are silently lost in some unknown world.
  • For those who have love of truth, this universe is Absolute Truth; for those who have deception within themselves, this same universe is absolute deception
  • It is sin to remember the sin you have already repented over. Forget about the sin you have given up
  • Life is from God; live it for God. Wealth is from God; spend it in the way of God
  • Meeting good people is itself a sign of good fortune
  • A more fearful thing than death is the fear of death
  • If a king seeks the company of a fakir, that is the king’s good fortune; if a fakir seeks the company of a king, that is the fakir’s misfortune
  • We live as a community but we are answerable to God as individuals
  • Peace will come once you remove the conflict between your desires and your duties
  • That man is cursed twice who is not generous even with the money he has acquired wrongly
  • Do not complain of the Creator to His creation and do not compalin of creation to the Creator….you will find peace
  • What is ‘truth’? That which comes from the lips of a truthful person. The more honest the person the greater the truth
  • The most unfortunate person is one who remains hard-hearted even in poverty
  • When the eye becomes the heart, the heart becomes the eye
  • Our worst enemy is one who enters our life as a friend and our worst friend is one who leaves our life as an enemy
  • One who is not at peace in the present will not have peace in the future either. Peace is not the result of circumstances. It is a state of the soul. One who is at peace will neither complain nor demand
  • East and West exist on the earth only. There is no east or west in the sky
  • The person who has neither time for nor interest in the religious life, what else can he say about his failure in life?
  • To distribute wealth amongst the poor is an act of goodness; to steal money from the rich is a sin!!
  • Whether one’s life was a successful one or not can only be decided at the end!
  • There may be many paths to the mountain top but for the one travelling there is only one
  • What are your thoughts on bandaging and helping an injured pig?
  • Someone else’s sin cannot become your virtue

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