Book Nizamuddin Aulia

The Story of the Halwa

Khwaja Syed Mohammed (RD) related, “Once a man came to Hazrat and said that he had lost the papers proving his property rights in the town and that the King’s clerks were refusing to make new papers for him. Hazrat smiled and humorously asked him to treat him to some halwa and then he would pray for his ownership papers. The men got up instantly and said, ‘I will just get some halwa from the bazaar’, and went out, returning soon with halwa in one hand and the paper in the other. He placed both the halwa and the paper before Hazrat and said, ‘When I asked for the halwa, the shopkeeper picked up a paper to wrap the halwa, and I immediately recognised that the paper was my lost deed. I asked the shopkeeper to use another paper, and brought this deed with me.’ Hazrat smiled and said, ‘Take this halwa home and distribute

it as niaz for Shaikh ul Alam and feed it to your children. This was a miracle of Hazrat Shaikh ul Alam that you found your lost paper so soon. When you went to get the halwa I turned my attention towards Hazrat Shaikh ul Alam, and it was the strength of his spirit that aided me and you got your paper so quickly.

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